Discussion on India in Transition paradigm Shift

Release of two monographs 'Western Media and Indian Democracy' और 'सामाजिक क्रांति का दर्शन' at Constitution Club,
New Delhi on July 19, 2014

Dr Hedgewar and Indian Nationalism

'The concept of nation in India is different from the world’
Dr Krishna Gopal, Joint General Secretary , RSS

Syria Crisis

Syria is the only natural country in the gulf which the Western forces wanted to break .
Dr Riyad Kamel Abbas, Syrian Ambassador to India

Creation of Pakistan was not only geographical division but also cultural division of India

Sh. Rajnath Singh
Home Minister of Govt of India, and Former National President BJP

Yahel Vilan Meets IPF on India

Mr Yahel Vilan, Minister, Deputy Chief of Mission, and Ms Liron Zaslansky, Couselor, Political Affairs, Embassy of Israel to India visited India Policy Foundation Hon Director Prof. Rakesh Sinha for meeting on the possibilities of cooperation of IPF